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From 1st June 2020 and ends at 30th June 2020
Initiative during COVID 19

Hack 1 on 1

In these tough times of Nation-wide Lockdown, it is the students who are most affected, their learning is severely hindered by the ongoing pandemic. Hack 1 0 1 is an initiative that proposes to bridge the gap between students and quality education. Numerous webinars and expert talks from an assorted variety of domains.These webinars and expert talks would be conducted from 1st June to 30th June. Students from across the nation would be enlightening their lamp of learning and would emerge out as polished individuals.
  • Discount coupons for premium courses for all the attendees from GeeksforGeeks

  • Certificates and discount coupons along with a chance for free course subscriptions from CodingBlocks

  • Internship opportunities from Foxmula

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The society had humble beginnings with Hackoverflow 1.0 being a departmental hackathon, Hackoverflow 2.0 was an Intra University Hackathon. The shackles of our doubts were detonated in Hackoverflow 3.0, a 36-hour National Level Hackathon, which brought some of the best brains across the nation of battle out on our platform. After this grand success, there was no looking back. Carrying on this idea, we are coming up with the initiative Hack 1 0 1.

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Hackoverflow 3.0 was an incredible event

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