October 31 – November 15, 2020


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Immerse yourself in a fortnight full of fun, socialzing and learning.

A 2-week long saga of fun-filled evenings consisting of Online Campfire, Gaming Mania, The Stream Showdown, Hands-On Workshops, Creators Summit, and much more. And that’s not all, with all the fun and festivity you all also stand a chance to win gift hampers, HTS Goodies, prizes like earphone, gaming console and many more.

Featuring talks from

Benjamin Cameron
Andrea Souzakis
Anil Bhaktar
Candice Tierman
Andrew Finnigan
Cedric Vance
Anne Pearce
Zoe Chan

A pinch of learning brewed in friendship, that is what makes the recipe of Fresher’s carnival so special. Come along with your friends and have a taste of joyful moments in these tough times.


Chance to socialize with peers and seniors
Memories that you are gonna cherish for ever
A virtual stage to share your skills and thoughts.
To Charge up for the upcoming exams by having fun and winning gifts.

Information on every event


The Stream Showdown

HTS fully supports Women-empowerment. The same is true for this carnival as well. The all-girls team of HTS is organizing Stream Showdown. A fun-filled 3-round event catering to our girl participants from all ‘Streams’. The rounds would consist of:

  1. Zumba Sessions
  2. Scavenger Hunt (Riddle round)
  3. Quiz Mania.
    Here students will be divided based on their streams i.e. Science VS Commerce VS Arts.

Top 3 performers will be given wireless headphones!

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The Creators Summit

Creators Assemble! The Creators Summit will be somewhat of a talent hunt/show organized for all the freshers to showcase their talents and interests!

You can participate in activities like:

  1. Singing
  2. Rapping,
  3. Beat-boxing,
  4. Dancing,
  5. Live Drawing,
  6. Live Instrument playing,
  7. Mono-Acting/Acting,
  8. Story Telling,
  9. Spill Poetry

The top 3 winners will be gifted a pair of headphones, OTT subscription and HTS Goodies!

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Social Evening

The Freshers Carnival will have an evening solely for the students for some stress relieving activities.

We are planning on inviting a few stand-up comedians to fill you with laughter and entertainment and all the positive vibes for your heart and your mind!

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Virtual Panel Discussion

The best deal that a student can have is to learn while having fun and guess what, The Panel is all about learning and growing while having fun.

This event is aimed at making the participants aware of opportunities, building connection, getting expert guidance and much more!

The highlight of this event would be the Live Q&A session.

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HTS has a soft corner for all the gamers. We are bringing to you a game tournament!

The tournament will have games from both Mobile and PC Platform, which will be Valorant, Rocket League from PC and COD from mobile.  You can be connected to your pals on discord while playing!

The winners will have a chance to win exciting prizes. 

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Technical and Essential Workshops for Everyone

Want to learn something new? The Freshers Carnival brings to you two days of technical and essential workshops to learn something new in a fun-filled way! Let us also tell you that these workshops would benefit you a lot and are very important for a student like you. 

These workshops would include detailed insights on

  1. Importance of Public Speaking
  2. WordPress for Beginners
  3. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

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The Virtual Campfire would be a fun event for all the freshers of Chandigarh University and a platform make new friends play games, chit-chat, gossip with their new friends!

Participants will be able to take part in games like Dumb Charades, Never Have I ever, Skribbl, Among Us etc. and open-talk sessions where you can demonstrate your talents with music, poetry, dance etc. They can also create and share memes and win prizes! So, participate now!

The winners for each session of games and competitions will be given exciting gift vouchers and offers

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